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First Perpetual DEX in your Telegram

Trade without leaving the popular Telegram messenger!


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Receive instant updates about price changes and market conditions. Never miss you opportunity again!


Trade everything

Do not limit yourself to crypto. Expand you portfolio with Real-World-Assets!


First Perpetual DEX in your Telegram

Trade without leaving the popular Telegram messenger!


Be in control

Receive instant updates about price changes and market conditions. Never miss you opportunity again!


Trade everything

Do not limit yourself to crypto. Expand you portfolio with Real-World-Assets!


Isolated Margin

Never lose more then you can afford to lose!



Earn NFT, use avatars, enjoy trading tournaments, rewards and prizes. Turn trading into a game!


Keep your assets safe

No deposits! Your funds are always yours - in @wallet bot, or in non-custodial wallet


Isolated Margin

Never lose more then you can afford to lose!



Earn NFT, use avatars, enjoy trading tournaments, rewards and prizes. Turn trading into a game!


Keep your assets safe

No deposits! Your funds are always yours - in @wallet bot, or in non-custodial wallet


Isolated Margin

Never lose more then you can afford to lose!



Earn NFT, use avatars, enjoy trading tournaments, rewards and prizes. Turn trading into a game!


Keep your assets safe

No deposits! Your funds are always yours - in @wallet bot, or in non-custodial wallet


First Perpetual DEX in your Telegram

Trade without leaving the popular Telegram messenger!


Be in control

Receive instant updates about price changes and market conditions. Never miss you opportunity again!


Trade everything

Do not limit yourself to crypto. Expand you portfolio with Real-World-Assets!

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Trade or provide liquidity to earn tokens as early bird. 100% fees cashback

No inflation. Invest with confidence

Become co-owner of exchange. 30% of fees goes to token stakers

Liquidity Provision
APR 0.00%

Provide liquidity in USDT and earn RP in addition to USDT staking rewards. Exchange RP to STORM tokens after token launch!

in TON
Liquidity Provision
in TON
APR 0.00%

Boost your earnings with TON provision and earn RP alongside TON staking rewards. Exchange RP for STORM tokens after the launch and maximize your returns effortlessly.


Maximize your investment strategy by staking your $STORM tokens and earning a 30% share of the trading fees collected by the protocol.



Get 20% of your friends’ income by sharing the link!

Want to level up your game? Are you a crypto influencer eager to unleash the Storm? Reach out and get up to 50% on your own terms.

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Meet STORM - utility token of Storm Trade

Читайте статью на русском языке

Hello everyone! The IDO of the STORM token is approaching, which means it's time to learn about the applications of the future token of the first PERP DEX on TON.

⚡️ Introducing STORM

STORM is a deflationary token of the Storm Trade, with a limited supply of 1 billion tokens and unique applications that connect stakeholders, traders, and liquidity providers.

The STORM token offers users advanced staking mechanics with balanced token input and output in the market, as well as protocol liquidity buffering, enhancing the economic efficiency of the exchange.

💎 STORM Staking

The staking of the STORM token follows an advanced standard staking model with a balanced token supply in the market, preventing sudden liquidity spikes. Here’s how it works.

Holders have two options:

  1. Providing liquidity in the pool on Ston.Fi

  2. Staking with token lock on Storm Trade

Each option will receive 15% of the collected trading fees in the Storm protocol, totaling 30% for all token stakeholders.

Liquidity on Ston.Fi helps introduce the token into market circulation, while locking the token on Storm Trade removes it from circulation.

By receiving an equal number of fees, the pools will balance each other, creating an evenly distributed token supply in the market. Depending on the amount of token in the pools, different APRs will be formed, motivating users to shift tokens between pools to gain the most benefit from owning the token.

💰 Protocol Fee Income

Often, product tokens are independent and not directly linked to the product, so the success of the project doesn’t necessarily mean the token price will rise. However, at Storm Trade, we believe in the product we are developing, and the STORM token will become the true heart of our ecosystem.

All token stakeholders will receive 30% of the collected trading fees. But let’s delve deeper into what this means.

Fees on Storm Trade are charged when opening and closing positions, paying for funding, rollover, and liquidations. The more traders make trades, the more fees the protocol collects. Thus, the amount of fees directly correlates with the daily trading volume in the protocol.

In the past few months alone, the average daily trading volume on Storm Trade has increased more than 15 times. Additionally, Storm is the only derivatives exchange in the TON ecosystem, providing traders with unique opportunities.

👛 Liquidity Buffering

Let’s examine another crucial function of the STORM token – liquidity buffering.

How is the price of the SLP token formed?

The SLP token (Storm Liquidity Provision) is issued to users when they provide liquidity to the vault on Storm Trade and is burned when liquidity is withdrawn from the vault.

When a liquidity provider deposits funds into the vault, these funds go into a part of the vault called “Free Collateral.” Negative P&L (loss) of traders and spent fees increase the Free Collateral, leading to a rise in the SLP token price. Conversely, positive P&L (profit) is taken from Free Collateral, reducing the SLP token price. These fluctuations create SLP token volatility.

Sometimes, sudden market changes can cause significant SLP token volatility spikes, resulting in temporary losses for liquidity providers, known as impermanent loss. To reduce the impact of such spikes on liquidity providers and create smoother SLP price changes, we introduce a mechanism called liquidity buffering.

What is a buffer?

A buffer is a new part of the vault designed to ensure smoother SLP price changes and protect liquidity providers from losses due to market conditions.

Previously, we stated that funds from negative P&L, fees, funding, and rollover go into the part of the vault called Free Collateral. With the new mechanism, a portion of the funds will be reserved and sent to the buffer. Therefore, during high volatility and the need to pay traders a large positive P&L, funds will be taken from the previously accumulated buffer, rather than Free Collateral, softening SLP price fluctuations.

The Role of the STORM Token in the Buffer System

Over time, the buffer will accumulate enough funds to cover all obligations to traders, plus an additional 20%. When the accumulated funds in the buffer exceed trader payouts by 20%, all surplus funds will be used to buy back the STORM token from the market, and part of the buffer will be held in the STORM token. Thus, the STORM token becomes an essential part of the buffer, acting as an additional source of liquidity.

When the buffer volume falls to 105% of all obligations to traders, we will start converting part of the STORM tokens from the buffer to pay liquidity providers. This will allow the buffer to maintain the necessary level of liquidity, and the STORM token becomes a tool for maintaining system stability.

Given that the expected return for liquidity providers shows global growth, and declines are temporary, the introduction of buffering makes the STORM token deflationary, reducing seller pressure and increasing the token’s market value.

🚀 Token Launch

The launch of the STORM token is happening very soon, so it’s time to reveal some details about this long-awaited event:

  • The amount of tokens available for purchase will be 4.2% of the total token supply.

  • The starting price for token purchase will be $0.012.

  • Market Makers NFT whitelist holders will have the right to the first token purchase. Each NFT will have a guaranteed allocation, which we will announce shortly before the IDO.

  • The token will be launched on three launchpads, which we will introduce to you next week.

Right now, anyone can apply for the whitelist and try their luck at winning a Market Makers NFT. Follow the link to apply for the whitelist and learn more about the future token!

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed our article. Find more quality articles on our profile. Subscribe to our blog by clicking the Subscribe button.

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🪙 More info about the STORM token

Token page | Whitelist campaign

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Meet Market Makers: 5555 unique NFTs by Storm Trade

Читать русскую версию статьи

We're bringing you an epic NFT collection that will change the way NFT collections are approached on TON and usher in a new milestone for Storm Trade!

👋 Say hi

Meet Market Makers - a collection of 5,555 unique, collectible 3D NFT user profiles on the TON network that will be distributed to traders, early adopters and active members of the crypto community. We look forward to each character finding its owner, and the entire collection will help grow and develop our incredible community!

💎 Unique and made with love

Every item in the collection is hand drawn by the artists. No AI networks, just talent and a unique approach to creation. The collection features 3D characters - a bull, a bear and a bird, reflecting the mood of the market.

Bulls and bears represent traders in a perpetual battle for market supremacy. Storm Petrel represents investors and holders, manoeuvring nobly through the storm of market volatility.

⚙️ Utility

We are releasing Market Makers in anticipation of the TGE (token generation event) of the $STORM token, where each NFT will be a unique whitelist to buy the token. For all Market Makers, a token purchase amount will be allocated, which will guarantee the owner will be able to purchase the token at the lowest starting price.

Owning NFTs will allow them to be used as User Profiles (PFP) on Storm Trade, making your profile stand out and truly exceptional.

Additionally, every user holding NFTs will have the opportunity to reduce trading commissions on and get into the top leagues of trading competitions, where NFTs will act as a ticket to move to the next league.

All NFT holders will be invited into the VIP holders community, liaising with all NFT holders and the Storm Trade team.

Market Makers will have more uses in the future, providing even more amazing opportunities for our diverse community!

🤲 Distribution

5555 Market Makers will be distributed exclusively to user addresses. The community collection will not be available for initial purchase, and distribution will be in 2 stages: initial and permanent. It means that Market Makers will appear on marketplaces only after the first stage is over and after allocation from holders who received NFT for active actions on the exchange.

1️⃣ Initial Allocation

1000 Market Makers allocated to the initial distribution stage. There will be a total of 4 tiers in the initial distribution:

  • 350 Market Makers will go into a reward for the top RP holders of the protocol. This is a reward for early adopters of our product, for belivers, traders and liquidity providers.

  • 50 Market Makers will go to the top testnet participants who helped us build a balanced product and shared feedback at the earliest stage.

  • 200 Market Makers will be allocated to the TGE campaign of the STORM token, and will be distributed to all participants who sign up for the whitelist programme.

  • 150 Market Makers will be distributed to the winners of daily tournaments in the amount of 3 NFT per day.

  • 250 Market Makers allotted for marketing activities, community activities and collaborations with other projects in the ecosystem.

Take the chance to get a unique NFT at an early stage, be active in the community and on the exchange, participate in contests, trade and top the leaderboards - this is the right and only way to get rewarded!

2️⃣ Permanent Allocation

After the initial distribution ends, the next 4,555 Market Makers will be distributed over the next few years to trade tournament winners, active community members, users and product ambassadors as rewards.

🚀 The long-awaited TGE of the $STORM token

You've been asking about it, and we're finally ready to shed some light on next month's main event!

The TGE (token generation event) of the $STORM token is a long-awaited and joyous event that will take place as early as summer, 2024. 30% of protocol fees, smooth unlocking, smart tokenomics - these are just some of the benefits of the future token.

The launch and sale of the token will take place as follows:

1️⃣ The sales launch will start simultaneously on several lunchpads - inside and outside the TON ecosystem. We will introduce each of the Lunchpad parners in our news channel.

2️⃣ The first to buy the token will be the owners of whitelists (Market Makers) at the lowest starting price.

3️⃣ After the pre-sale for WL holders is over, a public sale will start, where everyone will be able to buy the token.

🌖 To the moon with Storm Trade

Today we present you not just a collection, we present you a decentralised world, each character of which has unique abilities.

The $STORM token whitelists will be the first powerful utility of the collection!

Participate in the distribution of the whitelists, buy NFTs or win them in our activities, and get the opportunity to buy the token at the best price in a number of the first investors!

Who rules the market today? 📈

🔗 Links

Market Makers on Getgems

News channel


X (Twitter)

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Referral program on Storm Trade 🤝

RU версия статьи

Hi all! We receive a lot of questions about how the referral program on Storm Trade works, what are the conditions for invited and inviting users, and why referral NFTs are needed. This article is intended to help you understand this topic. Enjoy reading. With care, your Storm team!

🤔 What is a referral program?

A referral program is a reward system for inviting new users, which provides motivation for the inviting (referrers) and invited (referrals) parties.

Standard conditions of the Storm Trade referral program include a 5% discount on fee payments for invited users and a 10% credit on referral fees spent for inviting users.

In addition, referrers receive 10% of all Reward Points of invited referrals.

In addition to standard conditions, Storm Trade offers exclusive conditions* for community owners on social networks who want to share a referral link with their communities. Such conditions include an increased percentage of income and an increased discount on fees when trading on Storm Trade.

*Exclusive conditions are discussed separately from general ones in private messages with

💎 NFT as an evolution of the referral program

Typically, a referral program includes a special link that is given to referrals to connect to the platform. But Storm went further and reinvented the concept of a referral program.

In fact, Storm offered a unique solution for users by linking a referral link and an NFT token. So, thanks to this solution, all referrals, following the link, are tied to the referrer’s NFT and generate his income. The referrer's profit can be withdrawn at any convenient time.

Now let’s discuss what makes it unique. NFT along with accumulated referrals can be put up on marketplaces. In fact, you are watching your income take physical form. Set whatever price you think is reasonable and put the NFT up for sale. Along with the sale of the NFT, the buyer will receive your referral link, as well as all referrals associated with the NFT and the income generated by them.

💰 Bonus rewards for referral trading volume

We also offer a bonus program to reward our members for being active and successfully attracting new users. The program includes both one-time and monthly payments, providing additional opportunities to increase your income.

One-time payments are bonuses that are issued for achieving a certain trading volume by your referrals:

100,000 USD = 5 jUSDT

300,000 USD = 15 jUSDT

500,000 USD = 20 jUSDT

1,000,000 USD = 40 jUSDT

Monthly payments are issued when your referrals reach a monthly trading volume:

500,000 USD = 20 jUSDT

1,000,000 USD = 40 jUSDT

3,000,000 USD = 100 jUSDT

7,500,000 USD = 200 jUSDT

15,000,000 USD = 400 jUSDT

30,000,000 USD = 800 jUSDT

75,000,000 USD = 1500 jUSDT

🔗 How to get a unique referral link?

To receive a unique referral link, a trader needs to generate (mint) an NFT to which this link will be attached. The sequence of steps is as follows:

  • Go to the Referral tab

  • Click the "GENERATE NFT" button

  • Sign the transaction in the wallet

  • Refresh the page

  • Done, you now have a unique referral NFT in your wallet

👾 What is contained in the Referral Program block?

  • Total referrals - contains the total number of referrals

  • Reward points - contains the number of rewards earned. Accruals are made in the amount of 10% of the Reward Points of your referrals. What are Reward Points and how to spend them?

  • Rewards earned - the amount of funds withdrawn to the wallet

  • Available Claim - the amount of funds available for withdrawal to the wallet

✔️ jUSDT/TON switch

The jUSDT/TON switch is designed to switch between accumulated funds in TON and jUSDT. These are the same NFTs, but the jUSDT and TON hallmarks come from different smart contracts, so you also need to hallmark them separately.

🖼️ NFT block

The NFT block contains the following fields:

  • Referrals - shows the number of referrals assigned to this NFT

  • Earned - shows the amount of funds withdrawn to the wallet

  • Claimable - shows the amount of funds available for withdrawal to the wallet

🔗 Referral link block

  • Browser referral link is required to register referrals through website on a PC or mobile browser

  • Telegram referral link is required for registration via Telegram App in Stormtrade bot

Copy any link, they both link to Storm and connect to your referral NFT.

✅ Claim button

  • If there are funds available for withdrawal to the wallet, the Claim button becomes active.

  • After withdrawing funds to your wallet, the Claim button becomes inactive.

  • Since referrals can trade in Coin-M and TON-M pairs, Claim is available in jUSDT and TON.

🫂 How to send an NFT to another user?

Referral NFTs are supported by all TON wallets and can therefore be sent to any existing user address. To transfer an NFT, go to your wallet, find your NFT, and send it to the other user's wallet address.

  • After sending to another user, the NFT no longer appears on the sender's page

  • Along with the NFT, referrals and links assigned to the NFT are transferred to the new owner

  • After sending an NFT, the sender has the opportunity to generate a new NFT

👀 How to see your referrals?

In order to see all the referrals who connected to your referral link, turn to the Your Referrals block:

  • Referral - contains the wallet addresses of all referrals connected via your link

  • Trader volume - contains the volume of funds earned by referrals, displayed in USD

  • Payment - contains the amount of funds earned by the referrer, displayed in USD

🐳 How to become a referrer and start earning money?

In order to become a referrer and invite people to the Storm Trade site, you must:

  • Generate NFT

  • Get referral links

  • Share links with referrals

  • Make sure that your referrals have made at least 1 trade on the Storm Trade exchange

🤝 How to make sure that registration using a referral link was completed correctly?

❗️ Before performing any actions with a referral link, you need to make sure that before registering on Storm, not a single trading operation was carried out within Storm Trade on the referral’s wallet.

✅ Example of a correct registration script using a referral link:

  1. Follow the referral link

  2. Connect a new wallet with funds on your balance

  3. Open a position/order for any amount

  4. Check that when opening a position/order, the discount is displayed in green in the lower left corner of position creation

  5. Done, now the referral should be displayed on the referrer’s ref page

❌ Examples of an incorrect registration scenario using a referral link:

  • Follow the referral link, but do not open a position immediately

  • Follow the referral link, add liquidity, but do not open a position

  • Follow the referral link in one browser and open a position in another

  • Follow the referral link and make a trading operation using the wallet address that has previously traded on Storm

  • Follow the referral link to the browser version, and carry out the trading operation through the Telegram bot

✍️ Conclusion

Friends, we have considered all aspects of the referral program on Storm Trade. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here!

Keep this guide at hand, invite your friends and get profit with Storm Trade!

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked our article. Even more quality articles in our profile. Subscribe to our blog by clicking on the Subscribe button.

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Blog | Docs

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Pre-Launch guide: Trade Notcoin futures before its launch

RU-версия статьи здесь 👈

Disclaimer: Dear readers, this article is intended to provide you with information, but is not a recommendation for financial transactions. We strongly recommend that you consider your risk management and make trading decisions consciously and according to your capabilities and goals. Trading pre-launch Notcoin futures is not trading Notcoin itself, please keep this in mind before using the platform and making trades.

Hi everyone, in this article we will explain what Notcoin Pre-launch futures are and how Storm will help you to trade futures on Notcoin before it officially appears on the crypto market. Let's go!

📰 A moment of history

Since ancient times (yes, as far back as 2018), there has been an OTC (over the counter) market for trading tokens that have not yet been added to exchanges. Such markets exist and are still popular today. Avid crypto-enthusiasts searched for token allocations on various forums, managing to buy third-party accounts, believing in the bright future of the acquired assets.

The main disadvantages of this method were the honesty and integrity of the sellers, as well as unconfirmed terms of the future project. The project could change its mind about listing the token on the exchange, or the price of the token was very different from what was assumed by the OTC buyers.

Due to this uncertainty, new types of markets began to emerge, allowing to trade tokens at the moment of there is no token on market, and such markets became known as Pre-Launch!

This innovative offering gives traders the opportunity to participate in futures trading for future tokens that have yet to officially launch, leveling the playing field and providing access to highly anticipated assets.

🪙 Token or not token?

An important point to start with, Pre-launch trading is not trading in tokens, but in token futures*. The Pre-Launch market allows you to presume on where the price will go from the OTC price - whether it will rise or fall is up to the market participants to decide.

*Futures are financial contracts in which assets are not traded, instead the parties only agree on the buy and sell price of the asset.

💎 Pre-launch Notcoin futures. Full guide

1️⃣ TON, NOT. What to trade in?

So, let's get started. First, let's understand the name of the pair - 1mNOT-F/TON:

  • 1m means that trading will be done in lots of 1m Notcoin Futures;

  • NOT-F - Notcoin Futures is the name of the asset to be traded;

  • TON - position collateral token.

To trade in the 1mNOT-F/TON pair, you will need TON tokens. They will be used as collateral for your position, as well as payment of exchange fees.

2️⃣ Long or Short?

If you believe that the price of Notcoin will go above the current market price on the Storm Trade after listing on the exchanges, you choose Long. If you believe that the price of Notcoin will fall below the current market price on the Storm Trade after listing on spot exchanges, you open Short.

Pay attention to the current Market Price. It is volatile and can change, affecting trading results and your open positions.

3️⃣ Market or Limit?

A Market order allows you to open a Long or Short position at the current market price, here and now.

A Limit order helps you choose the best entry point for the position. But keep in mind that the price can be unpredictable because it is determined by traders in real time.

Stop orders are orders that allow you to open a position at the current market price (Stop Market) or at the Limit price (Stop Limit) when the price specified in the Stop field is reached.

4️⃣ Leverage

Leverage is a tool that helps you maximize your trading volume. By choosing x3 leverage, you are maximizing your capital, but be careful, trading with leverage involves risks, such as losing part of a position or liquidating it.

5️⃣ Stop Loss and Take Profit

These beauties help you to secure your open position. Stop Loss is set when you want to limit the losses of a position when they reach certain values (-15, -25, -50%).

Take Profit allows you to automatically close a position when you reach a certain profit, be it +25, +50, +100 or even +300%.

📲 Trading parameters

Starting price

The starting price of futures of one million Notcoin and is 0.5 TON/ 1 million Notcoin.

Trading opening date

Bidding opens at exactly 00:00 on the timer counter, i.e. February 15 at 14:00 Moscow time or February 15 at 11 am UTC.

Trading closing date

Trading closes at the moment the Notcoin token is listed on any spot exchange. All operations on current positions become unavailable.

Calculation of P&L after the close of trading

The market price of Notcoin token is tracked for a week starting from the first transaction after listing on any of the exchanges. After 7 days, the average price of the token is formed, which will be the settlement price of the asset. Traders' P&L will be calculated according to their positions at the end of trading.

All Long positions, the entry point of which is above the settlement price, and Short positions, the entry point of which is below the settlement price, lose part of their collateral in proportion to the percentage of price deviation multiplied by the leverage of the position. A profit pool is formed.

All Long positions whose entry point is below the settlement price and Short positions whose entry point is above the settlement price receive the entire collateral of their position, as well as a part of the profit pool calculated in proportion to the volume of the position and the entry price.

If in 3 months after the start of trading the token of the Notcoin project is not added to the spot exchanges, or it becomes known that the token issue has been canceled, trading will be closed and the current price formed on the Pre-Launch pair will be considered as the settlement price of the asset, and the P&L of traders will be calculated according to it.

Disbursement of funds

Payouts of P&L of traders will occur 7 days after the settlement price is determined.

Insurance Fund

All trades in 1mNOTF/TON pair will be charged a fee of 1% of the trading volume. Funding and Rollover will not be charged. Half of all collected fees are sent to the insurance fund. When calculating P&L, the insurance fund is used to cover losses in case individual traders' losses exceed their margin obligations.

That's basically all you need to know to start trading! But remember that trading with leverage involves risks. Trade with the funds you are comfortable with and follow risk management. Storm Trade is a trading tool to get started, but the trading strategy is formed by you yourself!

🔗 Links

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Connect your wallet by clicking "connect wallet" in our bot to get notified when trading starts.

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